Why do physicians and dentists choose Outsource Execs?

Photo: LinkedIn Sales Navigator by Pexels

For most physicians in private practice, there’s a critical question.  Should we outsource medical billing to a third-party professional billing service? The alternative is to run billing and receivables ‘in-house.’  This option requires costly additional employees and expensive hardware and software.

Outsource Execs makes it all easy and clear.

Clients of Outsource Execs immediately enjoy more time, money, and efficiency.   Because of our day-one expertise, claims are processed faster with nearly zero claim rejections. In addition to Outsource Execs’ professional team, MedOffice or DentOffice practice management software is provided to you.

MedOffice provides confidence and control. The entire office benefits from efficient and useful features. Patient scheduling, easy data entry, HIPAA compliance, and hundreds of business reports are all built into MedOffice.

Outsource Execs…

  • Allows you to focus on treating your patients and generating new business
  • Frees you from the burden of billing & collections
  • Eliminates awkward provider/patient payment discussions
  • Keeps track of each carrier’s specific requirements.
  • Greatly accelerates the payment turnaround time
  • Dramatically reduces overhead (payroll, taxes, insurance, benefits, office space, equipment, etc.)
  • Does away with capital investments in software and/or hardware

Every client relationship begins with open communication and transparency. Because of this we are able to take a proactive role to improve your business. We understand how important your work is. Outsource Execs realizes that we play a significant role in helping meet day-to-day obligations.